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Beach Style Décor – Tips and Tricks


Who does not like beaches? I definitely do! The scenic beauty of beach, the serene and calm breeze, the aqua colour water, the sight of children building sand castles all bring in a special joy and experience which no other place can provide. Then why not bring the external beauty into your house through beach style décor? Here are few tips and tricks to do up your interiors as per beach theme.




Furniture: Furniture made of material like wood; rattan, wicker etc are mostly used for beach style décor. Keeping furniture and furnishings natural and raw is ideal for beach décor. As such jute and cotton fabric can be used for rugs, bedding and upholstery.


Wall color: Keeping the wall simple and neutral is ideal for beach style décor. White, cream etc are the most preferred color choices for wall. A dash of bright color can be provided in the form of accessory like oil painting and furnishing like colored throws and

pillows. The best suited colors are those representing nature like aqua(sea), yellow(sand) and green(trees). In 

case of large room, the same can be partitioned using screen in lighter shade.


Window: Bamboo blinds would be the ideal window covering in this type of décor. If you are particular about going for fabric then sheer curtain in lighter shade can be used. Pure cotton curtain in aforementioned colors can also be used.


Flooring: Distressed and rugged flooring would look ideal with this type of décor. But are you the one who just can’t do away with flooring accessories? Then go for all natural like cotton rugs and mats made of coir or seagrass. Carpet generally do not blend well with beach style décor but if you are particular about using one then go for light and neutral tone ones.


Accessories: Accessories play the most important role in making this type of décor a success. Even if you are not able to provide flooring or wall color as mentioned above, make sure that beach style accessories are abundantly used in the house. These are easily available through both online and offline stores or you can collect the same from beach whenever you make a visit. The most commonly used beach accessories are shell, driftwood and pebbles. Ready to hang shell curtains, fisherman’s lantern, candle with shell and fish embeds, a pot full of shell and pine cone etc can all add to the beauty of beach décor. If you are good at making handmade products, then glue together few shells or pine cones or tie together few driftwood pieces artistically to create your own masterpiece. Even a well polished branch of a tree can make a style statement.


While doing up any type of décor, whether contemporary, modern or beach style make sure that it is not overdone. This is especially true in case of beach style décor as accessories and furniture used are easily available and less expensive when compared to other types of décor. Moreover try to make the rooms more airy and bright so that it looks natural.


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  • Amit Roznak