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How to Incorporate Feng Shui in Bedroom Decor


The art of decorating interiors as per Feng Shui principle has gained widespread significance in modern day home decor. Whether it is living, dining, kitchen or bedroom, the art of Feng Shui is sure to leave a positive impact. It enables the free flow of energy thereby creating a harmonious relationship among family members. Here are few tips to incorporate Feng Shui in bedroom decor that can make your bedroom a romantic and relaxing space.


  • Air: Pure and fresh air not only makes your bedroom calm and inviting but also brings in positive energy. Use air freshener and purifier to ensure good quality air inside the room. Try to leave the windows of the room open as far as possible. The room should be free of clutter so that fresh air can move freely.
  • Light: Just like air, the room should also have plenty of natural light during day time. Avoid placing ready to hang ceiling lamp above the bed. Dimmer switch can be used to adjust the brightness of light during night. Alternatively candles can also be used to provide a more relaxing and romantic feel to the room.
  • Colours: Feng Shui principles call for the use of pale colours in the bedroom to create a relaxed atmosphere. Skin colours or pale colours that range from pale white to chocolate brown is considered best.
  • Wall Decor: When it comes to bedroom wall decor, it is very common to use pictures and metal wall art. As per Feng Shui principle the picture and metal art used in bedroom wall should be closely related to your wish. But make sure to avoid pictures that resemble sadness and loneliness as it can affect your mood adversely.
  • Furniture: The bed used in the room should have a solid headboard made of wood as well as a supporting wall near the head. The space beneath the bed should be vacant so that there is free flow of energy through all sides. Hence beds with underneath storage is not good as per Feng Shui principles. The mattress used should ensure proper relaxation and should not cause any health problems. Similarly it is better to avoid used mattress as it might carry negative energy from the previous user.
  • Arranging furniture: As per Feng Shui rules, the bed should be accessible from both sides. Under no circumstance the bed should be placed in direct line with the door as it result in powerful energy entering the body. Similarly the head position should not be near the window as it results in the energy getting dissipated through the window. The ideal position will be to place the bed in the middle of the room with identical side tables on either side of the bed. Also make sure that your bedroom is free of equipments like TV, computer etc which is likely to hamper the free flow of energy through the room.

In addition to the above, make sure that all doors of the bedroom including bathroom door is kept close. Similarly ceiling beams, if any, should not come directly above the bed as it brings down tremendous energy.

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  • Amit Roznak