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Home decorating mistakes that should be avoided


You can be a professional at decorating or you can be an amateur. While experience provides a professional with innumerable decorating ideas, an amateur will be at a loss as to where to start and where to end. Whatever the state you are in, there are certain mistakes in home decor which are likely to be made irrespective of your experience level. These are mistakes which should be avoided at all cost. Here are few of those must avoid mistakes.

Budget: Whether it is home construction, designing or decorating overshooting the budget is a common mistake done by all. The different varieties of luxury furniture, home décor accessories etc available in modern design world are irresistible to the eyes and mind of a common man. Hence make sure that you do not yield to temptation and go beyond the budget. 

Unorganized look: This is especially true while decorating living room as people have a general tendency to display all artifacts in the living room. Try to keep things minimal especially wall pictures and table décor and provide a neat and well organized look to the room. Wires of electronic appliances should be neatly hidden behind the appliance or in small compartments. Trash off those carpets or furniture if you really hate them being there.

Purchasing furniture and accessories: While purchasing furniture people tend to give undue importance to their personal preference without taking into consideration factors like size of the room, climatic condition etc. For eg: if the house is in a tropical area it is better to do away with bulk furniture, woolen carpet etc even though it might be a favorite with the owner. Improper selection of furniture and accessories not only look odd but is also harmful to the health of the tenants in the long run. While selecting a chair or sofa, sit on it for sometime and make sure that it is not uncomfortable to lounge on it. Also make sure that it is possible to use the same for a long period of time and that it does not run out of style.

Furniture layout: Even before furniture is purchased, the question of placement or layout of furniture should be clearly dealt with. Under no circumstance, should the furniture be kept close to the wall as it takes away the intimate feel that can be created. This is mainly applicable in case of large rooms.

Choice of paint: This is one mistake made by vast majority of homeowners. While the paint color appear to be one in the color chart the actual color, when applied to the wall, can be totally different. This is because paint color on the wall is affected by lighting especially natural light. Hence it would be a wise idea to do a trial test on a wall before applying the color all over the room. It would be wise to consider already decor items like oil painting, or any other wall art before zeroing in on a certain colour.

But above all these, the biggest mistake made by majority of homeowners is doing the decorating work all on their own. Somehow people have a wrong notion that hiring an interior decorator can overshoot their budget which is not true. It is the duty of a professional interior decorator to deliver a crisp and neat work within the budget specified.

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  • Amit Roznak