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Creative Headboard Ideas for Glamorous Bedrooms


What makes a bedroom glamorous? Is it expensive cots with detailed and elaborate carvings or chandeliers with beautiful crystal droplets hanging from it or is it the presence of unique metal wall art that add to the glamour quotient of a bedroom? All of this definitely creates a style statement in your room. But what most people neglect is how beautiful and stylish headboards can change the overall appearance of the bedroom.

When it comes to headboard, one need not have to spend huge bucks and buy expensive ones. Here are few simple ways of designing unique and charming headboards that makes your bedroom stand out from the rest

  • Are you an avid reader with a good collection of books? Then arrange these books according to thickness and colour and place it in a bench just above the bed. This not only creates a unique and stylish headboard but is ideal for home where storage space is a constraint.
  • A wall art is an inexpensive and easy to install alternative for headboard. If the room is decorated on theme basis, then go in for wall decal that matches the theme of the room. For eg, wall decals of fish and shells would be apt for bedrooms that are decorated as per beach theme.
  • Do not throw away old wall paintings. Frame it neatly and arrange in a symmetric pattern above the bed. Or if there is an in house artist why not make the best use of their talent? Paint the wall above the bed in patterns you like most. Add glitters and stones for a more personalised touch. Patterns can be selected based on the theme of the bedroom to provide a more authentic touch.
  • Not good in painting? Do not fret. Cut old wallpaper or beautiful gift wrapper and frame it neatly or stick it on cardboard. Arrange these framed papers on the wall above the bed and voila!! Your new headboard is all set.
  • Have no idea as to what to do with old window frames? Why not add a bit of creativity and convert it into a glamourous headboard? Paint the window frame neatly in colour of your choice and place photographs or abstract paintings inside the frame. An upcycled headboard is all set to adorn your bedroom. Similarly old doors can also be used as headboard to provide a rustic touch to the decor.
  • Are you a big fan of gallery wall? Then look no further. Create a gallery wall with personal photographs just above the head. It not only creates a unique headboard but also brings with it warm and pleasant memories which one always loves to cherish.
  • Mirrors make ideal headboard in small bedroom. One can go for either a single mirror in a certain shape or arrange multiple mirrors to create a special glow to the room.
  • Carpets or rugs in unique design make up another interesting headboard. Persian carpets in floral or geometric pattern would be ideal for adult bedroom and small theme based area rugs in bold colours would be apt for kids bedroom.

No more running around from shop to shop looking for the best headboard for your bedroom. All one need is a bit of creativity and the zest to try things differently.


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  • Amit Roznak