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Top 7 Myths Surrounding Interior Decor Colours


If you are on the verge of decorating your new home or redecorating your existing home, people provide innumerable suggestions regarding color selection. “Such and such color will not match” or “Do not use this color for this room” are few of the suggestions that you would have come across. In reality, there are lot of myths surrounding interior design colors and majority of the people believe in these myths. Here are 7 popular myths surrounding interior decor colors and truth behind them:


1. Ceiling should be white: People are made to believe that the ceiling should always be white in color. In fact it is taken for granted that while painting a room there are only 4 walls to add color to. But this should not be the case. Adding color to the ceiling takes your eyes vertically up thereby making the room tall and large. 


2. Blue is a soothing colour: This depends on the shade selected. While sky blue brings in new energy to the room, Turquoise blue with its ocean blue color brings in a more relaxed setting. Silver blue with its neutral shade would be more apt for contemporary or modern art style. On the other end of the spectrum is midnight blue which is the deepest shade of blue color. You need to have excellent design sense to use such bold colors. 



3. Dark colored wall makes the room appear smaller: This myth does not apply if the room gets plenty of natural light. Similarly if high gloss paint is used, then it reflects light which again makes the room look its actual size.  


4. White wall is plain and boring: White coloured room becomes plain and boring if it is left blank. In fact, white is the most versatile of all colours. Anything and everything can be added to white. A white wall with dark colored furniture and oil paintings in dark frame would be just apt for a contemporary setting.  Add few colored paintings and keep a bunch of fresh flowers in the vase. It can transform the look of an all white room from plain and boring to bright and cheerful.


5. Blue and pink are colours for kid’s room: Kids room was all about blue and pink till sometime back. But now varying colours like green, orange etc are widely used to decorate kid’s room. In fact, in modern times parents give importance to kid’s preference while choosing colour for their room. 


6. Paint color should be selected during daytime: This myth is based on the fact that paint colour is clearly visible only during daytime. But when it comes to interiors, the paint colour is affected by lot of factors like natural light, artificial light etc. Thus in reality you should paint a small portion of the wall in colour you desire and find out how it is affected by different types of light throughout the day before going in for the final selection.  


7. Every room should be of the same colour: This myth is based on the fact that if different colours are used to paint different rooms then the entire house would look like a circus camp. This need not be the case  if colours are selected carefully. Different colours should be selected in such a way that each colour blends in well with the other and there is a smooth flow of colours between various rooms.

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  • Amit Roznak