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How to Decorate your Home in Contemporary Style


People normally get confused with contemporary and modern style of interior decor. What exactly is Contemporary style? Contemporary style of interior decor refers to the current or latest trend in interior decor unlike modern interior decor where importance is attached to geometrical shapes and clean lined style. The basic rule of contemporary decor is “Less is More”. As such this type of decor will have interesting clean elements without any fringes, ruffles or ornate design. Here are few basics for decorating home in contemporary style.

Colour: Neutral shade would be the ideal colour choice for contemporary home decor. Light to medium shades of neutral colours like cream, tan etc can be used for wall and furniture. Bright and bold colours like red, orange, green etc can be used in accessories like paintings, trims of wall etc. But make sure that there is harmony between various colours and the accessories blend in well with wall colours. 

Wall: “Less is More” is the motto of contemporary decor. As such try to leave the wall plain with simple decor elements like metal wall art or murals. Each element of decor in contemporary style should stand out. Another important feature is to highlight architectural details like high ceiling, geometric shapes in wall etc using bold colours. 

Furniture: Furniture used in contemporary style of decor will have soft and clear lines. Chairs and tables will have rounded edgings. Upholstery will be done using leather, cotton or canvas in a single neutral colour. Upholstered furniture will be low lying with concealed legs and square arms and tufted back. Furniture with ornate designs and carvings has absolutely no place in contemporary style of decor. For wooden furniture, light coloured wood like maple, birch etc are preferred. They are polished well to provide a glossy coating.

Fittings: Fittings especially those in kitchen and bathroom like faucet, sink, cabinets, appliances etc should be in stainless steel.

Flooring: Floors are usually done up with hardwood, vinyl or tile. Add a splash of glamour using carpets in single colour or bold designs. Persian carpets with floral prints should be avoided in this style of decor.

Light: Contemporary decor normally lets in lot of natural light to provide a bright and airy feel to the room. Try to keep the room free from clutter to let in more light. Artificial lighting can be provided in the form of floor and ceiling lamp. While selecting lamp, go in for one with nickel, chrome or steel fitting. Table lamp with shades in bold colour brings in a special hue to the room. Focused light directed towards an artwork or sculpture would also blend well with contemporary decor.

Home decor: Wall painting with very few colours would go well with contemporary decor. For table decor go in for vases, sculptures etc in single colour. Try to keep the decor as simple as possible as contemporary decor calls for more space. 

As per principle Contemporary decor is plain and bland. But if you have a flair for decorating then you can convert this smooth and suave style into one filled with wonderful hues. 


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  • Amit Roznak