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Design a Stylish Living Room from Scratch

Design a Stylish Living Room from Scratch
There is no denying that the state of your living room speaks volumes about your style, acquired tastes, and even personality. That's the reason it is important to update and design your living space meticulously and artistically to bring out the best in you.
And here's a quick primer to that.

1. Start by Choosing to Commit to a Particular Style

There are more than a dozen contemporary styles of furnishing your living room; you should be spoiled for choice on what angle to take. However, regardless of whether you settle for that exotic Bohemian chic color scheme or a Scandinavian-style living room arrangement, it is vital to stick to one ( at best, merge only two styles ) as far as decorating the space goes. Committing to stick to one or two complimentary styles increases the chances of ending up with an organized, cohesive space. The last thing you would want is a disheveled, cluttered and stuffy interior. The same applies to the living room's upholstery, decorative, rugs and, often at times, the woodwork too. You aim at this juncture should be coming up with a unique blend of modern comfort with a touch of traditional brazenness.

Also, it also makes decorating less taxing by narrowing down your range of options. In other words, you preferred style should aim at creating a degree of harmony among the five top components of your living room: Your sofa, rug, coffee table, window treatment ( curtains, and side chairs).

2. Stick to a Given Strict Palette

Nothing arguably makes any space feel more centered and grounded than a uniform color scheme. In line with this, one of the best ways of streamlining your living room's palette is by abiding by the rule of three - one accent color and two base colors. The preferred accent color, in this case, should either add to the general vibrancy of the room or keep the peace. Either way, it should be complementary to the two base colors in a way that reflects your personality and sense of interior decor.

As you would expect, paint is the base foundation of any color palette. It strongly guides the direction that the accent colors take. Other considerations, however, include your rug, decorative accessories, the woodwork and general upholstery.

3. Have a Continuous Visual Flow

Contrary to what most people think, you don't need to splurge thousands of dollars in purchasing expensive furniture and overpriced electronics to give your living room a modern appeal. Instead, focus as much as creative energy as possible in coming up with a thoughtful arrangement of the major elements in your living room to create a feeling of awe and exquisiteness. The goal is to draw attention to your living room sweet spots while toning down anything that is underwhelming. This can be achieved by using adding the following ingredients to your decorative mix.

a. An inviter - It is what draws you to the living room. It can be a plush cowhide rug placed strategically, a sculptural coffee table or simply the unique stitching on the fabric of your curtains.

b. The cozifier - It begs and tempts you to overstay your visit. Think of a nice sofa, lush cashmere, snuggly comfortable chair or fur throw blanket.

c. The wow object - It is typically the loudest/shiniest additive to the room. In most modern living rooms, this position is taken up by a widescreen Plasma TV, expensive paintings or a sparkly mirror

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