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Get Your Glam On with Luxe Decor Accents

Get Your Glam On with Luxe Decor Accents

Get Your Glam On with Luxe Decor Accents

An entire decade of pure decadence circa 1930s Hollywood provides the inspiration for today’s modern luxe decors. The stars and starlets of this ‘golden age’ looked to the design expertise of Dorothy Draper and William Haines to create the luxurious over-the-top interiors for their houses and movie sets. They were filled with sumptuous fabrics, crystal chandeliers, glossy lacquered furniture, dazzling metal accents, chinoiserie touches, decorous details and bold hues.

Today, designers such as Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler have given rebirth to old Hollywood style glamour. Their luxe lines of furnishings and accessories have inspired a myriad of makers to produce their own pieces in every price point. No matter your budget, you’ll find endless possibilities and products for bringing the glam and glitz of the era to the home.

From brilliant metallic finished accessories to tufted sofas dressed in lush velvet, we’ve curated a bevy of ideas, inspirations and tips for using these epic elements to create your own starlet-worthy rooms. Use a mix of all for full-on glam or just a few for a touch of luxe.

Lavish Lacquer

Uber-glossy lacquer is the go-to finish for adding high polish and superfluous shine in true Hollywood Regency style. Homes during the period boasted coat upon coat of bold-hued lacquer on everything—ceilings, walls, floors and furniture all provided a canvas for this lavish element. While encasing your entire room with lacquer might be a bit much, adding a few lacquer-finished pieces is perfect. Think—a high gloss white console in the entry, a perfectly polished peacock-blue armoire in the living room, or a canary yellow lacquered desk in the study. For just a touch of DIY shine, cover a decorative mirror frame or photo frames in glossy spray paint in a bright hue.

Exotic Flourishes & Decorous Details

Chinoiserie accents, such as Ming style legs, classic motif fabrics and chunky brass hardware, bring an exotic touch to furniture and accessories. Button tufting on everything from sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, benches and banquettes is a must for any glam décor. Brass or silver nail head trim offers the perfect bit of embellishment to upholstered furniture. Lampshades trimmed in fabulous French-style fringe adds a bit of romance in the bedroom. Thick, sculpted rugs handwoven with elaborate patterns and motifs are a hallmark of old Hollywood style, while provided lush softness underfoot.

Lapidary Luminaries

Dazzling chandeliers dripping with crystals aren’t meant to be relegated to a sweeping foyer, these beauties bring a jewel-like brilliance and glam glow to any room. A petite pair of pendant chandeliers make quite the impression hanging on either side a sophisticated bed. While one large one suspended solo in the living room is quite unexpected and dramatic. Crystal-laden table lamps are perfect for glitzing up a drink table between accent chairs or casting a decorative glow on a desk or vanity.

Glitzy Metallics & Mirrors

Old Hollywood homes were filled with gleaming metallic finishes of high polished brass, gleaming gold and super shiny silver. While, a sculpted silver dining table base or ornate polished brass étagère makes a striking visual. Smaller accents such as metallic picture frames, pillows, objets d’art and decorative metal hardware add just a bit of glitz. A modern luxe décor can never have too many mirrors and mirrored furnishings. Soaring leaner mirrors and decorously-framed wall mirrors bring extreme reflectivity and beauty to any room. Mirrored furniture is a hallmark of the 30s glam style, today you’ll find every piece from dressers to desks to beds laden with mirrored elements in every price range. We love just one or two mirrored pieces to keep it sophisticated and classy.

Transparent Touches

Lucite and acrylic accents and furniture bring a touch of translucency to any room. We love oversize Lucite drawer pulls and door handles fitted with gold plates on rich wood armoires or dressers. A transparent coffee table in the lounge allows light and energy to flow. Ghost style dining chairs in acrylic are perfect for showing off the decorative dining table base. A modern acrylic desk gleams when paired with a plush velvet accent chair with high back and tufting.

Lush Velvets & Opulent Silks

Sumptuous fabrics of velvet and silk are perfect for layering or creating a bit of drama. The ultimate glam sofa is dressed head to toe in vivid-hued blue or seductive red velvet with tons of tufting and finished in polished brass nail head trim. Rich velvet is also fabulous on accent chairs, bedheads, benches, ottomans, windows and pillows. Silks bring a sense of pure opulence when dressing the windows, pillows, bed coverings, or slipper chairs. They also are the perfect companion fabric when mixed with velvet for layering.

Vampy Vanities, Mirrors & Slipper Chairs

Any glamorous décor would not be complete without a starlet-worthy vanity table, corresponding mirror and slipper chair in the boudoir or master bathroom. Vanity tables with mirrored or lacquered finishes are perfect when paired with a curvy slipper chair or decorative side chair, preferably in velvet.

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