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Top Interior Design Trends for for the upcoming year


Decorating with trends can be risky, the secret to incorporating on-trend items into any décor is to choose those with staying power. Top designers suggest choosing only those that will be relevant and enjoyable for five years or more. With that in mind, for 2016 our top trend list includes a myriad of viable trends that have been building in popularity for the past few years. As well as a few of fresh and new ones sure to be around for years to come.

Nature Indoors
From greenery-laden walls to small potted plants, this year nature is coming indoors. A lush presence of green offers not only natural beauty, but makes for much healthier interior environments. For larger spaces, creating an urban garden in a corner of the living room, or filling a large expanse of wall with a waterfall of vines is all the rage. Small apartments and houses can have their own touch of nature with a kitchen window herb garden, or a row of pretty potted plants set on a shelf above the bathtub. This year we’re getting close to nature, indoors and out.

Handmade Goods
Whether locally-sourced or globally-imported, handcrafted home items are in high demand. Handmade accessories and textiles crafted from natural fibers and materials are especially desirable. Hand-molded ceramics such as pots, vases and sculptures are bringing charming beauty to tabletops and shelves. While, hand-woven textiles, from places like Guatemala and Peru, are finding their way onto beds, sofas and floors in the form of vibrant woven toss pillows, plush patterned throws, and brilliant hued rugs. Chunky knitted items are still going strong into next year, including organic-formed knit pendants, soft textured poufs and macramé plant holders.

Vintage & Consignment Goods
For those who love furniture and accessories with a storied past, gently-used consignment and vintage items are high on the list. While these items have been trending for some time, experts are forecasting they will be in more demand in 2016 than ever before. Previously cherished items from sofas to vases add charming character to any eclectic or retro inspired space. Vintage furniture can be sourced from estate sales, yard sales, flea markets and antique stores. Consignment stores and websites such as offer an alternative that is often times affordable.

Patterns & Prints
Ever present and classic for adding beauty and interest to interior spaces, patterns and prints are a mainstay. Those trending in 2016 are a mix of bold and expressive nature, animal and geometric inspired patterns and prints. With the popularity of coastal inspired interiors, this year is all about brightly-hued tropical motifs—stylized botanicals, exotic birds and lush fauna can all be found in abundance. A designer essential, animal prints are here to stay—this year’s gone wild with full on animal motifs in the likeness of lion-laden tribal prints and exotic elephants paired with lush palm trees. At the other end of the style spectrum, bold and edgy geometrics are showing up often on textiles and tiles.

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Mixed Metals

Trending for the last few years, a mix of metals in furnishings and accents are a must in every style décor from traditional to contemporary. Especially hot for 2016 are warm tones and rosy hues of copper, bronze and gold. Counter the warm metals with cool silver, platinum and nickel for an inviting contrast. From high polished metal drink tables to metallic-threaded toss pillows, there are endless ways to mix metals and metallics for a classic yet on-trend décor.

High contrast color amps interior drama for 2016, chromo brights deftly meld with moody dark shades creating stage-worthy looks. Think high gloss white lacquer paired with turquoise ceramics against grey matte walls. Depth and dimension is brought current with strong color paired with decorous gold details in visually-vampy combinations of sapphire, canary yellow and gold leaf. Other standout hues this season are fresh and fabulous with rich red, rosy pinks and peachy corals. All shades of blue are trending still for the upcoming year yet remain forever classic. Soft hued color blocking on walls, textiles and furnishings create blurred boundaries and organic flowing interiors.


Wallpaper & Fabric Wall Art

While a classic decorative element and mainstay for centuries, wallpaper tends to fall in and out of popularity with the masses. This past year wallpaper was hot on trend for every style décor from contemporary to eclectic. The upcoming year will continue the trend, while fabric art will take its place alongside papered walls. House Beautiful recently reported that Robert Allen will be paper-backing many of their textiles—from damasks to silks. Both wallpaper and fabric wall art, offer a timeless way to bring pattern and color to every room. Growing in popularity recently are the peel and stick papers that are easy to apply and remove, and perfect for making rented residences feel like home.


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  • Amit Roznak